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Write and maintain more than one language.
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Your Style

Use your style to introduce yourself


European Standard layout ready to use

Graph and Data

Images and data, Why choose one?
Use the Infographics to have first impression
Use the Xml to store data in db without “parse”

AS You Are CV

Have you got a specific layout you like most and we have not?

Suggest us with an example, we will try to include it for free!!!


    5 language in line
    Do you need a CV repository? Store your information and your updates in one container, we can do it for you. Under SSL, all DB encrypted and secure. Last but not least, for FREE.
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    New improvements
    We add new features: Multilanguage Upload and change profile picture Publications
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    CV made for you, no matter who you are!
    We are able to create different models, from coloured with good look and feel to standard black and white. Add your details, we can render in different ways for free. It's free and is awesome!
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    TAG and Find your Layout!
    We have created a TAG finder! Select "color" and you will get the coloured layout. Select Standard and we filter the standard layouts
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    Tell us what you are looking for!
    Have you got a specific layout you like most and we have not? Suggest us with an example, we will try to include it for free!!!
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    How do you like to be introduced?
    Your CV can be used as "Data only" (we embed the xml for that) and/or as a brochure that can explain in seconds who you are!
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    How it works

    Link your LinkedIn account or enter your details by following the step by step instructions and choose how to present yourself!
    It ‘s simple and intuitive.
    Show what you’re made!

    Use your OWN CV

    Introduce yourself as you are!
    Do not use a “normal” layout but at the same time allow the recruiter to include your structured information in its database.
    This allows you to make a difference without being an obstacle to the other’s work!

    About Us

    It was 2014, and the need to find a new job from the closure of the Italian headquarters of a multinational company.

    How to emerge from the crowd?
    How to present yourself effectively?
    How to make them read?

    From these questions starts the idea of CvasYouAre!

    It produces cv in various graphically pleasing formats by attaching to a file easily readable by automated systems.

    But, why do somthing just for ourself!

    We have an extensive background in software development (for the financial sector, telecommunications and many others) that gives us the chance to do it alone and help someonelse in the same situation!

    And then, in the spare time, we started to develop the idea.

    Design the data structure, the loading process, the security and then the layouts.
    We have stressed friends and relatives to let him try …

    So we reached 2018 and we start to spread the fact that we are alive and that our philosofy is to help real talents!

    We would like to be a flywheel to find the right place for the right person.

    This is why we do not address just individuals, but also the world of HR!

    We took the first step … but we have many ideas to develop!
    Follow us and try our services…
    Any suggestions, ideas and formats are wellcome … our purpose is to help those who deserve it!

    Cv as You Are!