We add new features:

  • Multilanguage
  • Upload and change profile picture
  • Publications


Now you can store and maintain easily in ONE service your CVs in 4 languages (English, Italian, German, Spanish and French).

Download your PDF in your favourite layout!
A lot of users ask us to include the option of change the profile picture, in some cases the image that they have to put on LinkedIn follow specific requirements of their present company.
So we have listed our customer’s requirements and developed!
In the end, is a new feature, that is not yet set in the layouts, we create a separate section where you can write your publications.
This feature was asked basically from the academic users.
They need to update their CVs every now and then and store their publication in different languages to be used for presenting as visit professor or for accreditations.
Well… we are still working but… here you are!
We will continue to develop to give you the best system and please let us know any new desired features or layouts, we will try our best!!!
CV as You Are!